Stealth Virus

Stealth Viruses are some sort of viruses which try to trick anti-virus software by intercepting its requests to the operating system. It has ability to hide itself from some antivirus software programs. Therefore, some antivirus program cannot detect them.
  • It infects files and boot records. It is difficult to detect because it attempts to hide from the operating system and antivirus software on the computer. Sometimes they can make to other files, hidden. 
  • Stealth virus hides itself from antivirus software by either masking the size of the file that it hides in or temporarily removing itself from the infected file and placing a copy of itself in another location on the drive, replacing the infected file with an uninfected one that it has stored on the hard drive. 
It is one of the dangerous types of virus which rarely gives information about the presence of it in your computer system. 
  • Example: Frodo, Joshi, Whale, The 4096 virus etc.

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