What is Cyber Law? and Its Importance

At the time of origin of information technology, there were no laws formulated internationally. Due course time, there were many obstacles faced by the software developers and users at the same time. To overcome these obstacles, the cyber laws were implemented.

What is Cyber?
  • Cyber is defined as the use of internet technologies and computers. It includes computer, networks, software, data storage devices, internet, websites, email, etc.
What is Cyber Law?
  • The law that controls the legal issues in the Internet or WWW for digital data processing and transaction is called cyber law. It is a generic term, which refers to all the legal and regulatory aspects of internet and the world wide web.
    • Since cyber law touches all aspects of transactions and activities on the cyberspace and controls cyber crimes and misuse of computer, cyber law is very important.
    • The cyber law is formulated in other to legalize the transaction through electronic media, to control the various types of electronic frauds and to punish a person who does criminal activities through electronic means especially computer.
Importance of cyber law:
  • Cyber law is very important to regulate and control the illegal activities regarding the internet and cyberspace. This helps in the proper development of the cyber world.

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