What is file mode? What are the modes of files in Qbasic?

The purpose of opening data file is called file mode.
  • The different modes of opening sequential data files are:
    • OUTPUT or "O" mode: 
      • OUTPUT mode is used to create a new sequential data file. If the data file is already exists, it will erase all previous contents and new contents are added from the beginning of the file. 
        • Example of OUTPUT mode: (Click)
    • APPEND or "A" mode:
      • APPEND mode is used to add more records in the existing sequential data file. It will add data from the end of the file.
        • Example of APPEND mode: (Click)
    • INPUT or "I" mode: 
      • INPUT mode is used to open data file for reading data from existing file.
        • Example of INPUT mode: (Click

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