IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 33

Q1: A terminal having local processing capability is called
  • a) laptop 
  • b) intelligent terminal 
  • c) server 
  • d) optical terminal

Q2: IBM S/390 is a
  • a) super computer 
  • b) mainframe computer 
  • c) minicomputer 
  • d) microcomputer

Q3: How many characters can be coded in ASCII-7?
  • a) 7 
  • b) 128 
  • c) 256 
  • d) 65536

Q4: 1) KIPS is the unit used to measure the speed of
  • a) printer 
  • b) processor 
  • c) typing 
  • d) copying

Q5: ICs are classified on the basis of
  • a) type of computer 
  • b) number of transistor 
  • c) date of manufacturing 
  • d) manufacturing company

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