Different symbols used in flow-charting

Different symbols used in flow-charting with their name and function.
  • Terminal symbol – oval 
    • It indicates the beginning and the end of a program. It generally contains words such as START, END
  • Input/Output symbol – parallelogram 
    • It indicates an operation of reading information from the input devices and writing information to the output devices. 
  • Processing symbol – rectangle 
    • It indicates the arithmetic operations and variable assignment process and also indicates processing of data or a program in the memory.
  • Decision symbol – rhombus 
    • i) It indicates decision being made. 
  • Flow lines symbol – arrow lines 
    • i) It is used to indicate direction of program and sequence of operation. 
  • Annotation symbol – a broken line and bracket 

    • i) It is used to indicate a comment or a remark about the program. 
  • Connector symbol – circle 

    • i) It indicates reference to another point in the flowchart where it continues. 
  • Pre-defined process  - double-sided rectangle
    • It represents a named process such as a module or function or subroutine.

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