Advantages and Disadvantages of Client Server Network

Advantages of Client Server Network:
  • It has the centralized control. i.e, centralized user accounts, security, and access to simplify network administration.
  • It does not slow down with heavy use.
  • The size of the network can be expanded to any size.
  • Proper Management : All the files are stored at the same place. In this way, management of files becomes easy. Also it becomes easier to find files. 
  • As all the data is stored on server its easy to make a back-up of it.
  • Reduces Data Replication - Data stored on the servers instead of each client, so it reduces the amount of data replication for the application.

Disadvantages of Client Server Network:
  • Server failure leads to whole network failure.
  • It is very expensive to install and manage as dedicated hardware (server) and special software (NOS) is required.
  • Professional IT people is required to maintain the servers and other technical details of network.

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