Advantages and Disadvantages of DBMS

What are the advantages of electronic database?
What is the advantage of computerized (electronic) database over flat file system?
What are the features of DBMS?

Advantages of DBMS:
  1. It reduces the data redundancy (duplication of data).
  2. Large volume of data can be stored and updated easily.
  3. Record can be stored easily on the basis of key field.
  4. It provides data sharing facility.
  5. It has high data security and privacy.
  6. It takes very less time to search the data.
  7. It is easy to organize data in sequence.
  8. Adding and deleting data (updating) is easy and fast.
  9. Easy to check and control data redundancy.
  10. Easy to maintain the data integrity.
  11. There is facility of backup and data recovery mechanism.
Disadvantages of DBMS:
  1. High initial investment in hardware, software, and training.
  2. Cost of DBMS: The cost of DBMS varies significantly, depending on the environment and functionality provided. There is also the recurrent annual maintenance cost.
  3. Cost for the maintenance of the software which remains forever.
  4. Cost for the hardware upgrade to allow for the extensive programs and the workspaces required for their execution and storage.
  5. Cost for backup and recovery.

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