Advantages and Disadvantages of Multimedia

  • Multimedia has the potential to be one of the most powerful forms of communicating idea, searching for information, and experiencing new concepts of any communication media ever developed.
  • It helps to share, views ideas and information in more effective and attractive ways.
  • It makes teaching learning easier, attractive and effective.
  • It helps to make advertisement more attractive.
  • It makes the presentation more interesting.
  • Things can be presented to cover a wide range of people using projector.
  • Movie making, cartoon making etc is easy and fast through multimedia.
  • Simulation of air combat, space shuttle flight are the use of multimedia.
  • It is possible to get virtual classes at home as a part of distance learning because of multimedia.
  • It is also used in Internet to make up the interactive web-page contents.

In comparison to the enormous advantages, multimedia has some disadvantages too. Some of them are:
  • It is expensive to produce multimedia systems.
  • It is expensive to produce multimedia contents.
  • It needs well trained manpower to create and use it.
  • Multimedia files are too large so, it is time consuming to transfer across the internet and intranet.
  • New networking protocols are needed to handle bandwidth requirements of video and sound.
  • Copying and altering digital images may unknowingly lead to copyright infringement.
  • Productivity may go down with people spending time compiling media presentations rather than presenting data.

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