Advantages of Append Query

  1. Append multiple records in one pass: If data are copied manually, usually there need to perform multiple copy/paste operations. By using a query, just select all the data at once, and then copy it.
  2. Review selection before copying it: User can view selection in Datasheet view and can make adjustments to the selection as needed before coping the data. This can be particularly handy if the query includes criteria or expressions, and can be done several tries to get it just right. (There is no UNDO on append query. If some mistake happened, either users should restore database from a backup or correct the errors, either manually or by using a delete query.)
  3. Use criteria to refine selection: For example, users just might want to only append records of customers who live in the specific city.
  4. Append records when some of the fields in the data sources don't exist in the destination table:    For example, suppose that the users existing customer table has eleven fields, and the new table that users want to copy from only has nine of those eleven fields. Now users can use an append query to copy the data from the nine fields that match and leave the other two fields blank.

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