Advantages of computer network

The advantages of computer network:
  • It provides cheaper and faster communication services.
  • Easy to share resources like data, software and hardware, network etc.
  • Easy to send and receive the messages.
  • Flexible working condition.
  • It helps to automate the office.
  • It provides centralized administration and control.
  • It provides high reliability by having alternative sources of supply.
  • It helps to provide the collaborative work and remote job entry. (Simultaneous Access): Many organizations like banks works on same database system. This database should be modified, updated and deleted frequently. This work becomes possible by using network server.
  • It provides network users with maximum performance at minimum cost. 
  • Backup and Recovery:  The main component of the network, the server, is kept in a secured place. Strong security mechanism has been implemented to keep the data and files safe. In networking environment, all the data and files are centralized in a server. If any data or files are lost in the clients, it is possible to restore them from the server.

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