Application Areas of Multimedia

Multimedia as easy means of presenting information has become an essential tool in most of the sectors within a short period of its arrival. Multimedia is applicable to many sectors. Some of its application areas are:
  • Education
    • Using multimedia, the teaching learning has become more interesting and fruitful. It is so easy understand the topic using multimedia.
  • Entertainment
    • Multimedia is used in entertainment sector also. It is used to make movie and games. Verities of animation effects can be done using multimedia that can attract the attention of viewers. People can just pass time using some multimedia tools, like listening songs, watching movies etc.
  • E-commerce
    • Business sector also use multimedia to perform business activities. They use multimedia for launching their new products, advertising purposes in the market in an eye catching way.
    • To make ad-films
    • To make animation ads
  • Engineering
    • Engineering sector also uses multimedia. They can use it for demonstrating their construction projects, new engineering idea etc.

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