Communication and Tele-communication

  • Communication means sending or receiving information from one point to another..  
  • It refers to exchange of ideas and information between or among the persons in different places using various methods such as phone, radio, letter, computer etc. 
  • The communication can be done through many means like in ancient times, beating drums, smoke signals, homing pigeons, mirrors reflection were used for communications. And in recent because of the new inventions, telegraph, fax, email, internet etc are used for communication. 
  • Tele-Communiction:
  • Tele-communication is a kind of communication done using various communication devices. It is the process of sending and receiving messages through communication line using computer. 
  • Typically, a basic telecommunication system would consist of a computer or terminal on each end, communication equipment for sending and receiving data, and a communication channel connecting the two users. Appropriate communication software is also necessary to manage the transmission of data between computers. Telecommunication systems are generally designed by telecommunication engineers. 
  • Computer communication across the internet is one of many examples of telecommunication.

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