Data communication and its components

A data communication is the process of transferring data or information between two devices.
It is the process of transferring data, information and voice between two or more devices through wire or wireless media.
In data communication system, data can be sent or received in various forms like text, pictures or sound.
  • Basically the components of data communications are:
    • Data or Message
    • Sender
    • Medium
    • Receiver
    • Protocol
  • Data or Message: It is the information to be communicated.
  • Sender: The device or source that sends the information.
  • Medium: The path that is used to send or receive the messages.
  • Receiver: The device or destination that receives the information.
  • Protocol: A set of rules for communicating and exchanging data between sender and receiver.
Example of Data Communication:
  1. Sending Email through computer network.
  2. Sending Voice message through computer network.

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