Guided and Unguided Media

Transmission media can be divided into two categories:
  1. Guided or Bounded media:
    • It is the media in which data flows along a specific path. It uses a "cabling" system that guides the data to flow. The data signals are bounded in a definite path. Guided media is also known as bounded or wired media. 
      • Some guided media are:
        • UTP
        • STP
        • Coaxial cables
        • Fiber optics 
  2. Unguided or Unbounded media:
    • Unbounded media is the media in which data are transmitted from one location to another without help of specific path. Data signals are normally broadcast through air and there is no definite path. As the signals are not bounded to a cabling media so it is also called unbounded media. Its is also named as wireless media.
      • Some unguided media are:
        • Microwave system
        • Satellite system
        • Infrared
        • Bluetooth
        • Wi-Fi

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