Intellectual Property Rights Law

Intellectual Property rights refers to the property that is a creation of the mind i.e, inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols, names, images and designs used in commerce. 
  • It denotes the specific legal rights of the authors, investors and other intellectual property holders to claim that the content of concept was originally created or owned by them. These laws are designed to protect various form of intangible subjects matters. 
Some of the intellectual rights are:
  • Copyright exists in many computer related creative works like software source code discovery etc. The copyright law makes it illegal to produce extra copies of software for sale or use on extra machines.
  • Patent right exists in software and hardware tasks that lets the inventor to give the other user the right to use his invention/creation for certain period of time.
  • Trademark is a distinctive sign that distinguishes the products and software of one business from that of another.
  • Industrial design right protects the appearance of one business from that of another (spare parts, texture etc)
  • A trade secret is confidential information related to the work procedure of the organization.

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