Internatinal Cyber Law

The law regarding the cyber, that enforces the discipline of usages of computer, world-wide is called the international cyber law. 
The international cyber law incorporates the following points.
  • Fair-Credit Reporting Act-1970: (Free access of personal credit reports. ) - This act ensures that each individual can view their credit information in free of cost basis. The act is best known for enabling consumer rights when it comes to the files that credit reporting agencies hold on them. In accordance with FCRA, credit reporting agencies must:
    • Provide consumers with a copy of their credit reports on request (though they may charge for delivering the requested copy). Notify consumers when negative information that has been removed from their reports is re-entered onto the report.
    • Remove past credit items in a reasonable amount of time. The exact length of time an entry can stay on a credit report varies by state.
    • The FCRA also lays out guidelines for the companies that provide information to credit reporting agencies. Those guidelines including providing accurate information, investigating disputes in a timely manner, and notifications to the consumer when negative information is about to be put on their credit report.
  • Freedom of Information Act-1970: (Access of information posted by the government): This act states that, each individual has the rights to view each information provided by the state.
  • Privacy Act (Federal Privacy Act)-1974: (Access right of government to see any record) - This act states enforces that concept that a state can view any records if it is needed.
  • Video Privacy Protection Act-1988: (Prohibition of personal record without judiciary order)- This act states that the individual records cannot be viewed by any other without the prior permission of the court.
  • Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act-1988: (Right of government to keep the personal key record)- The law states that the government has the right to access the personal computer to match the software keys to determine the piracy.
  • Copyright Act-1992: (Unauthorized copy of software/ 5 years jail or US$ 25000 or both)-This act ensures that if unauthorized copies of data are found made, the person can be subjected to imprisonment or penalty of fine or both (like 5 years of imprisonment of penalty of US$ 25000 or both.)

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