Multimedia System and Its Requirements

A multimedia computer system is a computer equipped with special hardware and software that makes multimedia possible. Multimedia computer systems require the different hardware components and different software.
  • Multimedia computer systems require the following components.
  • Hardware:
    • Faster CPU - for quicker processing of large amount of data
    • Larger storage devices - for storing large data files.
    • Larger main memory - for running programs with large data size.
    • Super VGA monitors - with high resolution for displaying graphics, animation and video.
    • Sound card and speakers/headphones - to play any audio associated with a multimedia application program.
    • CD-ROM drive - for accessing multimedia CDs.
    • Microphone - for voice communication. 
  • Software:
    • Multimedia software - to run multimedia applications.
      • Examples: windows media player, VLC player, Maya, etc.

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