Preventing Measures From Virus

Computer virus attacks have become one of the biggest threats to an organization as well as individuals. They spend large amount of money to prevent, detect and recover from computer virus attacks. The spread of computer virus infections can be stopped through the practice of safe computing. 
Some of the safe computing recommendations are as follows:
  1. Install a powerful antivirus program and update its virus definition file frequently.
  2. Install the internet security software like firewall.
  3. Stop using pirated software.
  4. Scan the computer for viruses using updated antivirus program.
  5. Do not use pirated software.
  6. Use password to lock the computer system from being used by others.
  7. Scan the portable disk before opening it.
  8. Do not download any files or programs from the internet unless you are confirmed that they are free from viruses.
  9. Do not open suspicious e-mails and attachments files sent by unknown persons.
  10. Ensure that your system boots through the hard disk first. Remove all removable disks from the drive during boot up.
  11. Ensure that the antivirus package scans all system and boot files at start-up.
  12. The automatic virus monitors should be running constantly on your system to ensure that no infected files are transferred to your hard disk over the network.
  13. Always scan files downloaded from the internet or transferred over the network before executing them on your machine.
  14. Do backup of the entire system on a regular basis.
  15. Scan the mail before opening if it is from unknown person.

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