Services of computer network

Some services of computer network are:
  • File Service
  • Print Service
  • Message Service
  • Application Service
  • Database Service
  • File service: It is one of the primary services provided by the networked computers. It helps to store and retrieve the computer data efficiently, move files from place to place rapidly, manage multiple copies of same file, backup critical files etc.
  • Print service: It is the service of network that control and manage access to printers and static data transfer machines like faxes.
  • Message service: It is the service that allows to store, access and deliver text, graphics etc. It also transfer data from one point to another. The message services functions are electronic mail, voice mail and object oriented applications.
  • Application service: It is the service that run software for network clients and allow computers to share processing power.
  • Database service: It is the service that provide server-based database storage and retrieval that allow network clients to control data manipulation and presentation.

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