Symptoms of Virus Infection

When a computer is infected by virus some signs indicate the infection. Some of the symptoms are as follows:
  1. Computer behaves strangely, i.e. in a way that you haven’t seen before.
  2. Programs take long time to load.
  3. Corrupts the system's data.
  4. Erases the files or programs from the system.
  5. Decreases the space in the main memory.
  6. Appearance of strange message or strange patterns on the screen.
  7. Slows down the system performance.
  8. Increase the size of executable files.
  9. Causes system to hang or freeze frequently.
  10. Formats the hard disk.
  11. Programs open automatically without getting instruction.
  12. Renames the files with different names.
  13. Missing of files or appearing of unexpected files.
  14. Displaying unusual error messages or encounters errors frequently.
  15. Unusual sounds or music played at random.
  16. Accessing of floppy disk drive or CD/DVD drives or flash drives occurs frequently without giving instructions.
  17. The personal firewall tells you that an application has tried to connect to the Internet (and it’s not a program that you ran).
  18. Your friends tell you that they have received e-mail messages from your address and you haven’t sent them anything.
  19. The system date and time may be changed.

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