What is QBasic? What are features of QBasic?

What is QBasic?
  • QBasic is a high level programming language developed by Microsoft Corporation in 1985. It is modular programming language where program is divided in different modules or procedures. Qbasic is easy to learn. It uses English like keywords and mathematical symbols to write a program.

Features of QBasic
  • It is simple and easy to learn.
  • It automatically checks syntax.
  • It capitalizes the reserved words (keywords) automatically.
  • It allows you to break lengthy programs into modules.
  • QBASIC interprets a statement of a program at a time to CPU.  
  • It has dynamic program debugging feature.
  • It supports local and global variables.

QBasic contains two window:
  1. Program Window: The upper window which is titled as ‘Untitled’ is the window where you write programs. This window is called Program Window. To see the output of the statements written in this window, pess Shift + F5 key.
  2. Immediate Window:The lower window which is titled as ‘Immediate’ is known as Immediate Window. It is the window to test commands, expressions etc. As soon as Enter key is pressed, it displays the output on the screen.
    • Importance of immediate window 
      • The immediate window is used if the user wants to get the output of a single statement.
      • To use the immediate window, the statement should be written in the immediate window and press the enter key. The output should be immediately displayed on the screen.

Note: F6 function key is used to switch from Program Window to Immediate Window and vice versa.

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