Remove Skype History

When multiple users runs the same computer for Skype communication, there will be stored the login name of the users. Want to remove them?
  • How to remove user names in Skype history?
  • I want to delete my login history.
  • How to delete my account history?
  • How to remove user names from the log in screen?
  • How to remove usernames in the sing-in window?
When someone login to skype, it stores the username on its skype name text box. If multiple users do login on the same PC, then all the login data/history will be saved on it. So when other users try to login, all the login data is displayed. But there is no handy tool to remove the history. This can be an easy way to remove the history.
  • Here is the trick.
  1. Click on the start button.
  2. Click on run. (If run command is not on the list, hold on the window key and press r)
  3. Type this '%appdata%\skype' on the run box.
  4. Click ok.
  5. A window will appear.
  6. Here, delete the folder with the name you don't want to appear on the history.
  7. Open skype and check. (the history will be removed).

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