What is Intranet and Extranet?

  • Intranet: Intranet is a computer network maintained privately and that can be only accessed by the authorized persons of the organization that own the network. 
  • An intranet is a private network that can only be accessed by authorized users. The prefix "intra" means "internal" and therefore implies an intranet is designed for internal communications. "Inter" (as in Internet) means "between" or "among." 
  • Since there is only one Internet, the word "Internet" is capitalized. Because many intranets exist around the world, the word "intranet" is lowercase.
    • An intranet is based on the protocol TCP/IP.
  • Features of intranet:
    1. It is closely related to the internet.
    2. It runs on private networks within a company and among its branch offices.
    3. It serves as a powerful tool for communication withing an organization. 

  • Extranet: Extranet is a private network that uses the internet protocols network connectivity.  It is a kind of computer network that allows the outside users to access the Intranet of organization. Extranet can be viewed as part of a company's intranet that is extended to users outside the company, usually via the internet.
  • The term Extranet is linked with Intranet. This network system is basically used for business to business (B2B) purposes. This system basically allows the outside users of an organization, like partners, suppliers, vendors and other stakeholders to remain in touch with the activities of organization. 

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