Computer Security (Online Practice) Page 1

Q1: The term computer security refers to:
  • a) use of antivirus 
  • b) protection of software 
  • c) protection to a computer system 
  • d) use of firewall

Q2: An important countermeasure against data corruption or loss.
  • a) password policy 
  • b) defragmentation 
  • c) scandisk 
  • d) backup system

Q3: Which is not power protection device?
  • a) UPS 
  • b) spike guard 
  • c) volt guard 
  • d) scan disk

Q4: Password gives the user access to a particular
  • a) program or system 
  • b) hardware 
  • c) volt guard 
  • d) none

Q5: Which protects the machine and peripheral devices from being damage?
  • a) information security 
  • b) hardware security 
  • c) software security 
  • d) none

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