Computer Security (Online Practice) Page 2

Q1: What is the person called who use a computer and a network to intrude into another computer or system to perform and illegal act.
  • a) programmer 
  • b) hacker 
  • c) terrorist 
  • d) spammer

Q2: Protection of computer resources like programs, files and other information from any kind of damage is:
  • a) computer security 
  • b) hardware security 
  • c) software security 
  • d) none

Q3: Which of the following process is used to optimize the read/write process by realigning the positions of related files clutters to speed up the overall operation of the drive?
  • a) scandisk 
  • b) defragmentation 
  • c) fragmentation 
  • d) all of above

Q4:What is used to prevent the loss of data during power failures?
  • a) encryption program 
  • b) surge protector 
  • c) firewall 
  • d) UPS

Q5: Which device can shield electronic equipment from power spikes?
  • a) volt guard 
  • b) surge protector 
  • c) firewall 
  • d) UPS

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