Computer Security (Online Practice) Page 3

Q1: Which device protects PC against power surges and spikes?
  • a) UPS 
  • b) voltage regulator 
  • c) surge suppressor 
  • d) all

Q2: Which measure is used to avoid access for unauthorized user?
  • a) logins 
  • b) password 
  • c) encryption 
  • d) lock and key

Q3: Choose the odd one.
  • a) UPS 
  • b) backup 
  • c) scandisk 
  • d) password

Q4: Choose the odd one.
  • a) hacking 
  • b) program errors 
  • c) modifying data 
  • d) stealing data

Q5: Access control of computer system is done by
  • a) authentication of users
  • b) access control of data
  • c) encryption of sensitive data
  • d) all of above

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