Computer Security (Online Practice) Page 4

Q1: Scandisk is used for .....
  • a) removing virus 
  • b) removing bad clusters 
  • c) backup data 
  • d) all of above

Q2: A method of making the data or message unreadable by everyone except the receiver while transmitting through the internet. 
  • a) digital signature 
  • b) password 
  • c) encryption 
  • d) none of above

Q3: A UPS ... 
  • a) increases the storage capacity of computer 
  • b) increases the processing speed 
  • c) provides backup power in the event of power cut 
  • d) all of above

Q4: Which device protects hardware? 
  • a) UPS 
  • b) MODEM 
  • c) gateway 
  • d) all of them

Q5: To protect computer from virus, keep .... 
  • a) back up 
  • b) boot up 
  • c) back off 
  • d) boost off

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