Cyber Law (Online Practice) Page 1

Q1: A generic term that is concerned to the legal and regulatory aspects of internet and computer technology.
  • a) copyright law 
  • b) cyber law 
  • c) computer crime 
  • d) none of them

Q2: Cyber law encompasses laws relating to
  • a) digital signature law 
  • b) cyber-crime law 
  • c) telecommunication law 
  • d) all of them

Q3: The law that provides a legal framework to facilitate and safeguard electronic transaction in the electronic medium.
  • a) digital signature law 
  • b) intellectual property law 
  • c) telecommunication law 
  • d) none of them

Q4: Most common tool used to prevent access to a computer system.
  • a) user logins 
  • b) passwords 
  • c) computer keys 
  • d) access control software

Q5:Which refers to the moral principal that regulates the use of computers?
  • a) cyber law 
  • b) cyber act 
  • c) cyber ethics 
  • d) all of them

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