Cyber Law (Online Practice) Page 3

Q1: Creating strong computer security to prevent computer crime.
  • a) privacy rights 
  • b) personal ethics 
  • c) antivirus policy 
  • d) firewall policy

Q2: Hardware/software designed to guard against unauthorized access to a computer network is known as
  • a) hacker program 
  • b) firewall 
  • c) anti hacker software 
  • d) hacker wall

Q3: Property right given for computer software source code is known as
  • a) copyright act 
  • b) digital signature act 
  • c) intellectual property act 
  • d) cyber act

Q4: Fraud that involves copying another person’s intellectual property and presenting it as if it your own.
  • a) plagiarism 
  • b) hacking 
  • c) information theft 
  • d) all of them

Q5: Which of the following is included in cyber law?
  • a) trademark law 
  • b) copyright law 
  • c) patent law 
  • d) all of above

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