Internet and Network - Page 14

Q1: Which is online business through internet?
  • a) e-commerce 
  • b) e-mail 
  • c) MODEM 
  • d) FAQ

Q2: Which is not the internet service?
  • a) chat 
  • b) FAQ 
  • c) E-mail 
  • d) modem

Q3: A network terminal is also known as:
    • a) dumb terminal 
    • b) PC terminal 
    • c) intelligent terminal 
    • d) all

Q4: Technically internet address are expressed in numerical value and is called ....
    • a) domain name 
    • b) IP address 
    • c) DNS 
    • d) domain letter

Q5:Which device is necessary to operate internet?
  • a) CD-ROM 
  • b) ISP 
  • c) MODEM 
  • d) all of above

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