Internet and Network - Page 16

Q1: Which is not the network operating system?
  • a) LINUX 
  • b) XENIX 
  • c) UNIX 
  • d) MS DOS

Q2: Which one is wired communication media?
  • a) satellite 
  • b) optical fiber 
  • c) printer 
  • d) internet

Q3: WLAN can be set up by using ....
  • a) coaxial cable 
  • b) UTP cable 
  • c) bluetooth 
  • d) all of above

Q4: It is the topology which extends beyond 100km.
  • a) LAN 
  • b) MAN 
  • c) WAN 
  • d) none

Q5: Which component is used for networking?
  • a) WAN 
  • b) radio 
  • c) microwave 
  • d) bridge

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