Internet and Network - Page 2

Q1: What is the design of the network called?
  • a) network architecture 
  • b) network server 
  • c) network transmission 
  • d) network type

Q2: The unit of speed at which data can be transmitted on a network.
  • a) bit rate 
  • b) bandwidth 
  • c) bandlength 
  • d) none

Q3: It is the main line of defense between a local network, of intranet, and the internet.
  • a) USB port 
  • b) encryption key 
  • c) firewall 
  • d) none

Q4: Which of the following operating system assists with configuring home networks with a network setup wizard?
  • a) windows 98 
  • b) windows ME 
  • c) windows XP 
  • d) DOS

Q5: Which is the network operating system?
  • a) MS-DOS 
  • b) windows 7 
  • c) MS-UNIX 
  • d) Windows NT

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