Internet and Network - Page 20

Q1: Which is not LAN topology?
  • a) star 
  • b) ring 
  • c) bus 
  • d) circle

Q2:Which of the following is the network navigation device known as a “smart hub” that transmits a signal only to the node to which it should be sent in?
  • a) a router 
  • b) a switch 
  • c) the NIC 
  • d) an adapter

Q3: Which of the following can communicate with device on another different network?
  • a) gateway 
  • b) switch 
  • c) NIC 
  • d) hub

Q4: Which one is the most expensive cable of network?
  • a) coaxial cable 
  • b) UTP 
  • c) STP 
  • d) optical fiber cables

Q5: Physical layout of computer network.
  • a) server 
  • b) topology 
  • c) node 
  • d) terminal

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