Internet and Network - Page 24

Q1: In which communication media do data travels in the form of light signal?
  • a) telephone wire 
  • b) fiber optics 
  • c) coaxial cable 
  • d) twisted pair

Q2: What the device installed on long cable runs to amplify the signal is called?
  • a) repeater 
  • b) adapter 
  • c) switch 
  • d) router

Q3: Demodulation is a process of:
  • a) converting digital to analog signal. 
  • b) converting analog to digital signal 
  • c) both a and b 
  • d) none of above

Q4: In, com is ..
  • a) URL 
  • b) host name 
  • c) domain type 
  • d) path

Q5: How many wires does RJ-45 UTP cable contain?
  • a) 2 pairs 
  • b) 3 pairs 
  • c) 4 pairs 
  • d) 5 pairs

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