Internet and Network - Page 27

Q1: In which topology, every node acts as repeater?
  • a) bus 
  • b) star 
  • c) ring 
  • d) all

Q2: Which is not related to internet?
  • a) ISP 
  • b) TCP/IP 
  • c) WWW 
  • d) UPS

Q3: Which of the following is online business?
  • a) E-commerce 
  • b) E-shopping 
  • c) E-business 
  • d) all of the above

Q4: Which of the following is not communication device?
  • a) modem 
  • b) CSU/DSU 
  • c) multiplexer 
  • d) microwave

Q5: It requests services, data and other resources available on the server.
  • a) cables 
  • b) workstation 
  • c) NIC 
  • d) connectors

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