Internet and Network - Page 28

Q1: The origin of internet is ....
  • a) telnet 
  • b) intranet 
  • c) ARPANet 
  • d) milnet

Q2: A server computer to access the internet is provided by ....
  • a) usenet 
  • b) telnet 
  • c) gopher 
  • d) ISP

Q3: Which of the following is not network protocol?
  • a) TCP/IP 
  • b) SMTP 
  • c) UTP 
  • d) FTP

Q4: Which of the following is not connector?
  • a) BNC 
  • b) DIX 
  • c) RJ-45 
  • d) POP

Q5: What is a proxy server used for?
  • a) to provide TCP/IP 
  • b) to process client request for web pages 
  • c) to provide security against unauthorized user
  • d) none

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