Internet and Network - Page 3

Q1: An intelligent device that connects two different networks.
  • a) router 
  • b) hub 
  • c) switch 
  • d) repeater

Q2: Internet is an example of .....
  • a) CAN 
  • b) LAN 
  • c) MAN 
  • d) WAN

Q3: Microwave and infrared technology are related with:
  • a) unbounded media 
  • b) bounded media 
  • c) confounded media 
  • d) guided media

Q4: Which one is an example of guided media?
  • a) radio wave 
  • b) infrared 
  • c) fiber optics 
  • d) micro wave

Q5: Which of the following is transmission media?
  • a) bridge 
  • b) gateway 
  • c) router 
  • d) none

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