Internet and Network - Page 30

Q1: The transfer of data from a CPU peripheral device of a computer is achieved through
  • a) computer ports 
  • b) modem 
  • c) RAM 
  • d) interface

Q2: Home page of web site is
  • a) summary page 
  • b) introductory page 
  • c) FAQ page 
  • d) all

Q3: The UTP connector is used in
  • a) RJ-11 
  • b) RJ-45 
  • c) RJ-30 
  • d) all

Q4: 1) Which one can do two way communications?
  • a) modem 
  • b) printer 
  • c) mouse 
  • d) scanner

Q5:Which communication media is faster?
  • a) coaxial cable 
  • b) twisted pair cable 
  • c) satellite 
  • d) infrared

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