Internet and Network - Page 31

Q1: Front page is used for creating
  • a) a new table 
  • b) a new web page 
  • c) a new frame 
  • d) all

Q2: Which one is used to access network resources?
  • a) computer name 
  • b) computer IP address 
  • c) computer OS 
  • d) both a & b

Q3: What is the length of current IP address?
  • a) 4 byte long 
  • b) 6 byte long 
  • c) 8 byte long 
  • d) 10 byte long

Q4: Which of the following is popular web browser?
  • a) windows explorer 
  • b) yahoo 
  • c) windows XP 
  • d) none

Q5: What is spam?
  • a) personal email 
  • b) a slang name for unsolicited commercial email 
  • c) a software to track email source 
  • d) a virus

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