Internet and Network - Page 38

Q1: Which one is not category of computer network?
  • a) NAN 
  • b) LAN 
  • c) MAN 
  • d) WAN

Q2: Which of the following IP address would be used in local network?
  • a) 
  • b) 
  • c) 
  • d)

Q3: Which of the following is used to identify the IP address in website?
  • a) HTTP 
  • b) DNS 
  • c) web browser 
  • d) search engine

Q4:What is protocol?
  • a) rules of information processing 
  • b) rules of printing in network 
  • c) rules of transmitting data 
  • d) rules of using computer network

Q5: It refers to the range of frequencies that can be carried on a transmission medium.
  • a) WAN 
  • b) bus 
  • c) bandwidth 
  • d) topology

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