Internet and Network - Page 40

Q1: What does IEEE 80.5 defines?
  • a) token bus topology 
  • b) token ring topology 
  • c) token star topology 
  • d) token tree topology

Q2: A search engine is used to search
  • a) web page 
  • b) web pages for information using specified search terms 
  • c) web pages for email address 
  • d) web pages for updating websites

Q3: Which protocol is used to exchange files between computers on the internet?
  • a) HTTP 
  • b) FTP 
  • c) SMTP 
  • d) ISP

Q4: Netscape composer belongs to
  • a) browser 
  • b) code based editor 
  • c) both a & b 
  • d) none

Q5:Which is the most common image format used in web pages?
  • a) .jpg 
  • b) .gif 
  • c) .bmp 
  • d) .img

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