Internet and Network - Page 41

Q1: Server provides resources to other computers connected to
  • a) network 
  • b) client 
  • c) mainframe 
  • d) all

Q2: Which protocol is used while downloading anything form internet?
  • a) TCP/IP 
  • b) FTP 
  • c) HTTP 
  • d) SMTP

Q3: Demodulation is the process of
  • a) converting analog to digital signal 
  • b) converting digital to analog 
  • c) defragmentation 
  • d) all

Q4: Computers in LAN interconnected by radio or infrared technologies is known as
  • a) wireless LAN 
  • b) wired LAN 
  • b) modem 
  • d) topology

Q5: It is the address or location of specific piece of information on the internet.
  • a) URL 
  • b) web page 
  • c) email address 
  • d) server

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