Internet and Network - Page 43

Q1: Which of the following topology share a single channel on which all stations can receive and transmit data?
  • a) ring 
  • b) bus 
  • c) star 
  • d) all

Q2: Which of following provides to set up email account?
  • a) 
  • b) 
  • c) 
  • d)

Q3: Which of the following is used to connect two LANs of same protocols over a wide area?
  • a) router 
  • b) bridge 
  • c) repeater 
  • d) gateway

Q4: What is the common language that computers use to communicate with one another in network?
  • a) topology 
  • b) protocol 
  • c) NOS 
  • d) server

Q5: The unique address of a web page or file on the internet is called
  • a) URL 
  • b) protocol 
  • c) domain 
  • d) web site

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