Internet and Network - Page 45

Q1: Password security failure due to exposure can be result from
  • a) electronic monitoring 
  • b) visual monitoring 
  • c) OS 
  • d) both a & b

Q2: A modem could be connected to
  • a) serial port 
  • b) parallel port 
  • c) PS/2 port 
  • d) all

Q3: Which file is used in web pages for animation?
  • a) .jpg 
  • b) .bmp 
  • c) .swf 
  • d) .mp3

Q4: Which connector is used for coaxial cable?
  • a) RJ-45
  • b) RJ-11 
  • c) BNC 
  • d) serial

Q5: Which of the following is central connection device in a network?
  • a) hub 
  • b) NIC 
  • c) router 
  • d) modem

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