Internet and Network - Page 46

Q1: Which of the following inhibits cross talk?
  • a) twisted pair cable 
  • b) coaxial cable 
  • c) optical cable 
  • d) all

Q2: Web pages can be written using
  • a) HTML 
  • b) URL 
  • c) browser 
  • d) explorer

Q3: Which one is not valid for website?
  • a) .JPG 
  • b) .JPEG 
  • c) .GIF 
  • d) .AVI

Q4: Network disk drive is
  • a) logical disk drive 
  • b) hard disk drive 
  • c) floppy disk drive 
  • d) network file disk

Q5: Host represents
  • a) client 
  • b) printer 
  • c) server 
  • d) remote computer

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