Internet and Network - Page 47

Q1: Which protocol is used to connect to the internet?
  • a) FTP 
  • b) ISP 
  • c) HTTP 
  • d) TCP/IP

Q2: Who invented modem?
  • a) IBM 
  • b) AT & T information system, USA 
  • c) Apple computer 
  • d) Digital equipment Corporation

Q3: It is the network of geographically distant computers.
  • a) LAN 
  • b) MAN 
  • c) WAN 
  • d) bus

Q4: Which topology is used by FDDI?
  • a) bus 
  • b) star 
  • c) ring 
  • d) tree

Q5: Which can be used in network?
  • a) twisted pair cable 
  • b) fiber optic cable 
  • c) coaxial cable 
  • d) all

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