Internet and Network - Page 5

Q1: Which one is the protocol to fetch the mail from the mail server?
  • a) FTP 
  • b) POP 
  • c) SMTP 
  • d) ARP

Q2: In which of the following transmission media, transmission and receiving node need to be in line of sight?
  • a) twisted pair cable 
  • b) microwave 
  • c) satellite
  • d) optical fiber

Q3: Which topology has dedicated point to point link to the central hub?
  • a) bus 
  •  b) star 
  • c) ring 
  • d) tree

Q4: Which is the most common transmission media?
  • a) co-axial cable 
  • b) twisted pair cable 
  • c) fiber optic cable 
  • d) none

Q5: Choose the odd one.
  • a) ST connector 
  • b) BNC 
  • c) RJ-45 
  • d) PS/2

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