Internet and Network - Page 50

Q1: Websites, browsers, HTML documents, TCP/IP are examples of
  • a) internet works 
  • b) internet technologies 
  • c) protocol 
  • d) LAN

Q2: Which one used to connect two systems or networks using different protocols?
  • a) hub 
  • b) NIC 
  • d) router 
  • d) gateway

Q3: Modem is connected in between a telephone line and _______
  • a) computer 
  • b) communication adapter 
  • c) printer 
  • d) internet

Q4:A home page is part of :
  • a) web site 
  • b) server 
  • c) LAN 
  • d) NIC

Q5: A website’s main page is called
  • a) home page 
  • b) FAQ page 
  • c) search page 
  • d) all

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