Internet and Network - Page 53

Q1: Which is the connector of the coaxial cable?
  • a) RJ-45 
  • b) BNC 
  • c) ST 
  • d) all

Q2: What is the function of super highway?
  • a) network of network connection 
  • b) linking other part of the world through broadband information network 
  • c) sharing information 
  • d) sharing printer

Q3: Web style is
  • a) desktop style 
  • b) website style 
  • c) internet style 
  • d) computer style

Q4: Which of the following is considered as broadband communication channel?
  • a) coaxial cable 
  • b) fiber optics 
  • c) microwave 
  • d) all

Q5:Which of the following is guided media?
  • a) radio wave 
  • b) infrared 
  • c) micro wave 
  • d) fiber optics

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