Internet and Network - Page 57

Q1: LAN card is used for
  • a) transmitting data only 
  • b) receiving data only 
  • c) transmitting and receiving data 
  • d) printing data

Q2:Copying file from the internet to user computer is known as
  • a) uploading 
  • b) downloading 
  • c) searching 
  • d) all

Q3:Topology refers to
  • a) the architecture of computer 
  • b) the arrangement of computer networking 
  • c) the software for networking 
  • d) the device used for networking

Q4: How is data transferred in serial communication?
  • a) 1 bit at a time 
  • b) 1 byte at a time 
  • c) 6 bit at a time 
  • d) 10 bit at a time

Q5: First layer of OSI reference model is
  • a) physical
  • b) network 
  • c) data link 
  • d) application

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